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Hi I'm Mallory

Hi, I’m Mallory and I love to eat. I love to eat REAL food. Okay, let’s be honest I love to eat ALL THE FOOD, but the junky food doesn’t love me back. So what’s a girl to do? Well, I eat clean (Paleo) most of the time but you can still occasionally find me with a glass of bourbon in my hand. I am a Kentucky girl through and through. Trust me when I say this, I haven’t always eaten the way I do. I used to easily smash an entire box of pizza bagel bites. Slowly, overtime I started to change my habits. The small changes started to snowball and health, nutrition, and cooking became my passion. I love to cook real, wholesome food for my handsome hubby and two young babes. I’m here to help make eating healthy easy, fun, and actually enjoyable (I promise it can be done!).
More About Me

Food Freedom

  • When I decided to do my first Whole30 I was nervous but with the help from Mallory I was successful! I feel so much more energized, I survived coffee without creamer and my wine! Working with Mallory helped me make lifestyle changes for my family that we will definitely stick to. Mallory is the most amazing Whole30 coach, she is GOOD y'all She pushed, motivated, and supported me throughout the 30 days and even after.

  • My husband and I did our first Whole 30 with Mallory and it changed our lives. Mallory’s guidance was instrumental in my successfully completing Whole30. She was there everyday with tips and encouragement and she was always available to answer questions that I had. I have kicked my soda habit, I eat more veggies, I am a label reading expert and I have lost 20 lbs total and I am grateful to Mallory for her influence on setting me on this path.

  • Whole30 changed my whole family's relationship with food for the better! We could not have done it without Mallory's support and guidance throughout our round! She is an amazing human being and coach.

  • Having done a Whole30 "alone" two years ago with mixed results and lots of cravings, I decided having a coach for round two would be critical to succeed. Mallory's advice, support, tips, and recipes made all the difference! My wife and I slept better thanks to the decrease in anxiety, heartburn, and sugar crashes. Learning to make incredible meals from scratch came as an added bonus!


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