Homemade Ghee

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One tip that I always tell people when it comes to eating healthier is, when you can make your own!  Not only do you get to decide what exactly goes into a recipe, but it almost always saves you a ton a money.  Take Ghee for example.  It is a really popular cooking fat, you get all the richness but without all the issues of dairy!  It’a a win, win!

Check it out here!

Keep in mind, the video has been sped up. It takes about 15 minutes of simmering the butter to really get the milk solids to clump together. Keep the heat on medium low and stir frequently until the milk solids are visible (white chunks). Then simply pour through cheese cloth and store with a lid. The Ghee will solidify slowly on the counter (you can keep it on the counter without it spoiling) or store in fridge to solidify quicker.

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I used Kerrygold Unsalted Butter in this recipe

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